Exaqtworld's innovation


Exaqtworld’s perennial concern is to stimulate innovation by setting up observational and developmental programs that are specifically focused on the retail market.

Endowed with its dynamic R&D department composed of engineers specialized in hardware, software, and electronic engineering, Exaqtworld is equipped to find smart and innovative solutions to problems presenting themselves in a rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Exaqtworld invests highly in the innovation and protection of its many French and foreign patents. Exaqtworld has a portfolio of brands, models and patents. In this regard, Exaqtworld relies on help from its legal partners so as to defend its intellectual property each day, making these major innovations respected on an international level. This is a guarantee for its clients that they will benefit exclusively from quality solutions. For Exaqtworld, it also constitutes an assertion of these substantial investments in the area of research and development.