Specifically designed for fashion products, Duraltag Textile is an intelligent anti-theft device equipped with a powerful patented lock system that provides an extremely reliable level of security.

Apart from its proven robustness, Duraltag Textile benefits from additional innovative, technical, and technological features:
■ Anti-fire shield lock
■ ABS / Polycarbonate resistant material
■ Thin needle respectful of textile fibers
■ Needle protection by Clip&Keep system
■ Ergonomic and aesthetic design
■ Personalization with customer’s logo
■ EAS (Available in AM or RF technologies)
■ Inlay RFID (with version Duraltag2 Textile and Duraltag3 Textile)
■ Smart QR Code (with version Duraltag3 Textile)

Standard colors and finishings: Glossy white / Matte white / Glossy black / Matte black

Custom colors and finishings: Of your choice

Download the Datasheet: