Create a new customer experience in store

When making purchases, consumers are increasingly choosing to use digital technologies and devices at all stages of the process.With this in mind, the future of stores will constitute an alliance between “a tap-and-a-click” and “traditional brick”.

Exaqtworld has addressed this challenge with the technological solution that can respond most appropriately and efficiently to such a crucial development. Essentially, it allows customers, equipped with their smartphones, to scan the Duraltag Smart QR Codes that are assigned to the products in a store, instantly giving them access to a connected range of services offered by that store.

This solution offers customers an integrated and enjoyable shopping experience that combines the advantage of traditional boutiques with the information-rich experience of shopping online.

The role of stores is to build bridges between the online and offline experience and to place customers in the center of a cross-channel mode of communication that has become indispensable.

With Duraltag 3, increase your omni channel sales