Specifically designed to secure without any damage leather goods, bags and sports equipments, Duraltag MiniLoop is an innovative anti-theft device equipped with a powerful patented lock system that provides an extremely reliable level of security. Its loop, with plastic coat, allows it to secure items while respecting the most delicate materials.

Apart from its proven robustness, Duraltag MiniLoop benefits from additional technical, and technological features:
■ Anti-fire shield lock
■ ABS / Polycarbonate resistant material
■ Loop made of 42 twisted wires of galvanized steel in plastic coat
■ Length of the loop of 21, 25 or 30cm
■ Ergonomic and aesthetic design
■ Personalization with customer’s logo
■ EAS (Available in AM or RF technologies)
■ Inlay RFID (with version Duraltag2 MiniLoop and Duraltag3 MiniLoop)
■ Smart QR Code (with version Duraltag3 MiniLoop)

Standard colors and finishings: Matte black / Black cable

Custom colors and finishings: Of your choice

Download the Datasheet: