Consumer Centric


Just like shopping websites, “brick-and-click” points of sale need to have better knowledge of their customers and their behaviors.

It is precisely in this context of the identification of customers’ in-store purchasing behavior that Exaqtworld has put a form within the in2stores application which, once completed by the customer, offers the possibility of scanning the QR codes of articles and accessing the range of services available.

What’s more, this system is not limited only to collecting details about customers. For each customer, it traces and registers all the products that interest that customer on the store floor and whether they were bought or not.

Thanks to this customer data, which can be seen and exported from the in2shops back office, the store (or brand) will be able not only to perform detailed analyses of their customers in-store, it can also launch direct push marketing operations ad hoc (development of sales).

Example: I decide to launch an SMS campaign to all the people who visited the store in South Bordeaux yesterday and who scanned at least two products from the brand XXXXX. I offer them a 10% discount on this brand if they buy an article of this brand within 48 hours directly from my e-commerce site or in-store.
The selection criteria for the target group and the terms of the offer are determined in complete freedom by the store (or brand).